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Bercom - The Makers of the Handy Paint Pail!

Painting is easy with the HANDy Paint Pail product line-up and accessories!

Handy Paint PailThe Handy Paint Pail was created in 2001 in classic Do-It-Yourself style. Mark Bergman was doing some painting around his house using the standard "coffee can" paint container. When Mark’s hand began to tire, he designed a strap out of duct tape and the Handy Paint Pail was born.

This unique new product has been achieving tremendous sales results in hardware stores, home centers and paint stores since it hit the market in February of 2002. Both do-it-yourself painters and professionals are attracted to the ergonomic design and multiple features.

The Handy Paint Pail was developed to solve issues that everyone has experienced when painting. It will hold up to a quart of paint, and the adjustable strap allows for custom fit and comfort. The strap can also affix to a belt for hands free use when climbing a ladder. A magnet is mounted on the inside to hold the brush, and a built in scraper lip removes excess paint. The Handy Paint Pail is made in the USA out of polypropylene material, which is extremely durable, solvent resistant and easy to clean.